Small Groups

As Lennon says, life is what happens when you are making other plans. Well, church is what happens when you aren’t in the building on Sunday mornings. Discipleship is something we can do together and do in small groups that can bring accountability and insight into God’s amazing hopes for our lives. Small groups are intentional small groups that meet at different times of the week but can follow a church-wide curriculum that will always coordinate with what the church is doing on Sundays. This isn’t just Sunday School – this is “Sunday life” in other times and other places than Sunday morning. 

Childcare is provided on Thursday from 5:30pm-8:30pm at West HWD Campus.  

Get connected today! Below are the small groups currently meeting. If you’d like more info about Small Groups, contact Micah Shelton. 

  • Youth with Kevin Stone
  • Young Adults with Heather DeCastra
  • Young Parents with Kelly Johnson
  • Book Study with Jade Carter
  • Pastor’s Study with Rev. Jack Hinnen
  • Women’s Bible study with Gayle Talley
  • Men’s Bible Study with Tom Gilmore
  • Alpha with Barry and Tammy Nelson (This is the only non-Sunday group)