Next Steps

A  track for our Guests and New Members held every Sunday at 9:45 AM.

** NEXT STEPS will NOT meet in June, or July, or December.


Meet | Enjoy coffee in a casual setting with the pastors.

9:45 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 2ND SUNDAY of the Month

Belief | Enjoy a discussion to remember your baptism, learn about infant baptism, or explore adult profession of faith. We will also discuss the sacrament of Holy Communion.

9:45 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 3RD SUNDAY of the Month

History | Learn about the history of Christianity and the roots and formation of the United Methodist Church.

9:45 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 4TH SUNDAY of the Month

Belong | Hear from staff and lay ministers on the membership vows and how to find your very own place of ministry at Trinity.

9:45 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 5TH SUNDAY of the Month

Tour | Join a Trinity member and others for an informational tour around the church campus.

9:45 AM   Large Parlor


We would love for you to join us, Contact Laura Feld by email or at 879-1737.