Next Steps

A  track for our Guests and New Members held every Sunday at 10AM.

** NEXT STEPS will NOT meet in June, or July, or December.


Meet | Enjoy coffee in a casual setting with the pastors.

10 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 2ND SUNDAY of the Month

Belief | Enjoy a discussion to remember your baptism, learn about infant baptism, or explore adult profession of faith. We will also discuss the sacrament of Holy Communion.

10 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 3RD SUNDAY of the Month

History | Learn about the history of Christianity and the roots and formation of the United Methodist Church.

10 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 4TH SUNDAY of the Month

Belong | Hear from staff and lay ministers on the membership vows and how to find your very own place of ministry at Trinity.

10 AM   Large Parlor

EVERY 5TH SUNDAY of the Month

Tour | Join a Trinity member and others for an informational tour around the church campus.

10 AM   Large Parlor


We would love for you to join us, Contact Jessica Lane by email or at 879-1737.