Weekday Programs

Trinity Child Development Center

The mission of TCDC is to provide a safe and loving environment for children to experience God’s love as they grow in spirit, mind and body.

Classes for 3K, 4K and 5K are offered Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Our holiday schedule follows the Homewood school system. Degreed teachers implement age-appropriate curriculum featuring music, creative movement, chapel, field trips. Registration is in January. Contact Sharon Holloway at 879-1749 for more information, or click the links below.

Child Care
Caring teachers provide a warm, loving environment for young children 12 months through 5 years of age. Open daily from 7:00AM to 6:00PM. Three, four and five-year-old children participate in kindergarten from 9:00AM-1:00PM. Call Sharon Holloway at 879-1749 for more information, or click the links below.

TCDC Registration
Registration for the 2016-2017 school year began on January 6, 2016 for Trinity members and registration was opened to the community on January 13, 2015. Dates for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted later this year. Registration forms will be accepted starting at 7:00 each morning when the TCDC office opens. Registration forms must be completed and accompanied by a check for the registration fee. Please contact the TCDC office with any questions or to schedule a tour of our Center.
The links below are for online registration in January.

For those interested in working at TCDC, click here for Application Forms.


Other Weekday Programs


Parents Day Out (PDO) is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from September to May. There is also a summer session available to children who are currently enrolled or who are enrolled for the upcoming year. We offer classes for children ages 6 months through 2 years.

PDO Registration
Registration for the 2018-2019 PDO school year will begin on Friday, January 5, 2018 for Trinity members and registration will open to the community on Friday, January 12, 2018. The online registration process opens at 8 a.m. on those days. Details regarding registration for 2018-2019 will be added to website in December. Please contact Barry Smith in PDO with any questions or to schedule a tour of our Center.

To apply online click here.

To print out a Registration Form click here.

PDO Fees for 2018-2019:
Registration fee: $130 for first child in PDO; $105 for each subsequent child
Supply fee: $150 for one day; $175 for two days; $200 for three days

Infants: $125 for one day; $210 two days; $255 for three days
Toddlers & Twos: $120 for one day; $200 for two days; $240 for three days

Contact Barry Smith for more PDO information.

A Special Place is a Kindergarten class for 3 and 4 year-olds with special needs. The class meets Monday-Thursday, from 8:30AM to 1:00PM. Special Place staff includes a teacher, assistants, speech therapist and an occupational therapist. The class participates with other kindergarten classes for chapel, playtime, story time and special events. Limited enrollment. A Special Place has been an important mission of the church for decades. Call Hasell Handrahan, Director, 879-1737 for more information.